A new situation of the market is waiting for us after the lockdown. Are you ready for that?

We still don’t know how this COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic is going to end, but we do know that we’ll have to work to be ready the moment the green light is given and markets open again.

It’s possible that the situation we will face will be very sad and we’ll surely have to lament the closure of many of our traditional clients.

The reality of the new scenario is hard to imagine, but what we are sure of is that we have to be prepared to recover normalcy as soon as possible.

The recovery of the confidence and, therefore the attraction, of investments is basic for this recovery.


You can make the difference having someone based in UK.

What is clear is that once we have the green light to go out, the consumerism is going to increase. Is our product ready for our clients to acquire it?

It’s going to be very important to reinforce our activity during the first months, we must act quickly and precisely over our key markets. We have to put the sellers in contact with the buyers. Someone has to do that miracle to gain strength in the market.

It is going to be a great opportunity even for producers that are not strong enough in the UK market, they can even become market leaders with a perfectly-adjusted investment in the market.

My years of experience in the United Kingdom’s market give me the chance to think with complete confidence that the starting shot is going to generate a great amount of opportunities for importations.

The Brits, just like the Spaniards, will defend the local products to support the interests of our countries, but that will not mean that we will stop consuming products that we do not produce. It will be very difficult that a Brit will be able to find a British chorizo or ham, or a squid, or some good Iberian meats, or some calsots, or good preserves. Therefore, we need to be ready to offer them our products so that business can start with full force.


Opportunities to do presentations of your products.

That’s why we need to be creative and act with new ideas that will break with our normal trajectory. Temporarily externalizing our sales force will allow us to act with the necessary velocity to succeed in a market that is going to be receptive to new impacts.

I’ll be happy to be able to comment with you about your ideas and your concerns regarding the United Kingdom’s market. The business opportunities will rise during the first 6/12 months, which is why we need to be very clear about the line of service and the methodology that is going to take us towards success.

That’s why the ENABLER’s presence is very important during these times. A person hired externally, which doesn’t raise our labour costs, but which has the same effectiveness or more than our own sales team.

Enabler, something or someone that makes it possiblefor a particular thing to happen or be done.


You need to have someone to look after your product. (Harrods Food Hall)

The Enabler will enter the market through importers, coordinate the reception of the products, and the delivery of samples and training to the final client. They will close the complete circle from the entrance of our product to the reception of it for our final client. We will have controlled the importer/distributor and the sales point.

Jamon_montesano_london_market Harrods

Enabler: Someone who can protect your image and positioning.

The work in the sales point, be it a restaurant or a business, will be fundamental to establish very tight bonds with our brand again in a new situation.

The Enabler service is scalable and will depend on each client’s needs, from counselling services, to hiring a sales force that will allow us to visit the most sales points in the smallest amount of time possible.

I insist, I am here to talk to you and give you a hand in this market. If you have any questions, I am at your service.

Let’s not lose the chances this new situation can offer us.


Uk Market is ready to receive quality products.(seafood)

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