A luxury metro station that provides access to one of the most glamorous kitchens in the world.

I promised you I would be telling you the peculiar or interesting things that happen to me on my day to day. Well, the other day I had a reunion at the mythical The Dorchester Hotel. I met with my friend, the director of Food and Beverage, Russell Platt. We had the chance to meet when we shared a dinner at an event in the Chaine de Rotisseurs, of which we both are members.

When I met him, I was working as director of Cinco Jotas for the Unted Kingdom and back then we didn’t have many options of working together, but now that I work at Mevalco, I have a great range of possibilities to sell. Mevalco has an extensive and select catalogue of Spanish products, so it was the moment to sit again with Russell.
A very pleasant meeting in which, right from the start, you realize that the person you have across from you is a great professional that loves his work, and that makes things much easier. After our reunion, he invited me downstairs to the kitchens to greet the chefs. It was a great pleasure to be able to treat face-to-face in their own kitchen two great chefs, a great opportunity was opened to have Spanish products in one of the most luxurious kitchens.

The Grill Restaurant a The  Dorchester Hotel

Elegance always surrounds the Dorchester Hotel. The Grill Restaurant.

The Dorchester is without a doubt one of the most mystical hotels in London, built in 1931. In its rooms there have been music stars, politicians, sports stars, chiefs of state, and millionaires from across the world. I consider myself very fortunate to have been able to cut ham on various occasions during very speacials events. My Jamón has been always well appreciated between the VIP guests.

The Grill Restaurant at The Dorchester Hotel in London

The Grill Restaurant was called years ago The Spanish Grill.

Well, this visit gave me the chance to know the private wine tasting room they have in the basement, where they also have some of the most exclusive wines in the world. I was also able to know firsthand the chef table, where private dinners of up to twelve participants are organized. The executive chef, Stefan Trepp and his team, led by the Executive sous chef Mario Perera organize dinners for all types of clients who know how to appreciate the exclusive menus prepared there, from £160 per person plus wine, you can enjoy a fantastic dinner from the kitchen of one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

To all this incredible view, you have to add the fantastic entrance to the kitchen that they have from the restaurant The Grill (which, by the way, in its beginnings was called The Spanish Grill, so it’s time to go back having some Spanish touches). Once you leave the kitchen of The Grill, you will feel like you’ve accessed London’s tube, a signboard designed exactly like the original ones of the London underground invites you to descend the escalators to the main kitchens. It’s very interesting to see how the hotel’s employees go up and down the escalators with their trays as if we were on the tube… and I can tell you that the traffic of people is almost the same as in the tube.

Entrance to the main kitchen of  The Dorchester Hotel

Like a tube entrance, you can access to the main kitchen of The Dorchester Hotel

A very interesting day of businesses, but it was very entertaining to learn more about this fantastic Dorchester Hotel. Thank you very much, my dear friend, Russell, see you soon!!! Gracias amigo!

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